Advising College-Bound Student-Athletes – New Professional Development Resources!

Aug 29, 2018

Over the past months as we have had more and more IECs and high school counselors taking advantage of our Professional Development Program, i.e., our 11 session Webinar Series on the topic of “Advising the College-Bound Student-Athlete”, we have seen a significant increase in requests for supplemental counseling tools to use when working with athletes.

In an effort to provide additional assistance and training resources for our colleagues, we have developed a number of new counseling resources that enable you to more effectively advise your CBSAs (College-Bound Student-Athletes). And, we have devoted our Fall Newsletter (attached) to providing descriptions of our expanding services as well as links that direct you to more information and the ability to sign-up for our newly developed resources.

Here is a recap of our college athletic counseling products and services that are described in the enclosed Newsletter:

  • IECA Conference session presentation – Los Angeles
  • The Counselor’s Manual
  • Professional Development Program – Webinar Series
  • Mentorship & Co-Counseling Programs
  • Case Studies Program NEW!
  • Counselor’s Classroom – Extended Access NEW!
  • Counseling International CBSAs
  • High School Athlete’s “Do-It-Yourself Guide” NEW!

We sincerely hope that some of the above referenced resources may be valuable and useful to you. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you should have any questions.

David Stoeckel
[email protected]

Katie Andersen
[email protected]


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