The Best Kept Secret - NCAA Division III (PART 1 of 3)

Mar 19, 2019

We were preparing to launch a presentation about NCAA Division III Athletics as the details emerged last week regarding how NCAA Division I coaches accepted bribes in order to guarantee admission at elite schools for students who weren’t even athletes.

As many of you already know, NCAA Division III schools do not offer athletic scholarships nor do the coaches have significant “pull” in admissions. However, these schools offer a special opportunity for student-athletes to compete academically and athletically in an environment that provides balance and emphasizes the “student” in student-athlete. We prepared a FREE 3-part webinar series that will give you valuable insight into the more than 450 schools that make up NCAA Division III.

PART 1 - An Inside Look at NCAA Division III - Beyond the Athletic Scholarship (37 minutes)

In the coming weeks:

PART 2 - Interview with Gretchen Micklitsch - Assistant Women’s Soccer Coach at Oberlin College and parent of a Division III soccer player at Washington University in St. Louis. (37 minutes)

PART 3 - Interview with Matt Karzak - Men’s Lacrosse Player at John Carroll University (25 minutes)

As IECs specializing in advising college-bound student-athletes, we are watching the news closely since there will no doubt be repercussions across test prep, college admissions, and athletic recruiting and we will make sure to keep you informed regarding updates from the NCAA.

David Stoeckel - [email protected]

Katie Andersen - [email protected]


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