NCAA Recruiting Rules Have Changed…Effective IMMEDIATELY!

Learn how they may affect your student-athletes . . . .


  • They affect only Division I sports and specifically exclude DI football and men’s and women’s basketball.
  • Summer Sports Camps run by college coaches in 2018 . .
  • Family Paid Campus Tours in the summer of 2018. . . .
  • “Official Visits” paid for by the colleges. . . . .

New Rules are Confusing? YES!

But, if you advise student-athletes, you MUST know and understand these rules, right? YES!

WHY did the NCAA implement these new rules?

Starting with the 2018-2018 2019 school year, the NCAA wants high school athletes to have “more time to make thoughtful decisions when deciding considering where to go to college. Ultimately, a better recruiting process will improve the college experience for Division I student-athletes.”

  • So, how do YOU learn “The Basics” of the New Regulations?
  • Read on for a brief recap of the rules in this Newsletter.
  • You are...
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