Counselor's Manual:

Advising the College-Bound Student-Athlete

In response to numerous requests from high school and independent counselors, we have published a comprehensive manual for counselors who work with college-bound student-athletes, but have not received any formal training in this area.

This publication, entitled “Advising the College-Bound Student-Athlete” will provide the necessary information to allow a high school or independent counselor to help a student-athlete get started properly, effectively, and efficiently with their college athletic recruiting experience. This manual will explain, among other things, the pre-requisites and guidelines for success in recruiting, the NCAA Eligibility Center (the “Clearinghouse”), and so forth. The manual will also provide an overview of the recruiting process, components of the Athletic Profile, the all-important College Recruiting Video, and more!

The Counselor's Manual is also the course material for our 11-session Counselor Webinar Series (included for FREE with your purchase of our Counselor Webinar Series).

Immediately after your purchase, we will email you a download link so you can start using the Counselor's Manual TODAY!

Counselor's Manual: “Advising the College-Bound Student-Athlete” ($29.95 USD)


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