Presentations & Co-Counseling

Mini Seminars for Local Counselor Groups (Southern California only)

Please contact us at [email protected] to discuss a presentation and reserve a date for your counselor group.

High School Presentations (Southern California only)

College Night presentations for high schools and club teams. READ MORE

Presentations at Annual Conferences

We offer educational sessions at national and regional counselors’ conferences for High School Counselors and Independent Educational Consultants such as HECA, WACAC, TACAC, and IECA. We also offer these presentations via webinar as we did with KYACAC. READ MORE

Co-Counseling Programs

Often we are contacted by independent counselors who possess a high level of experience and expertise in the academic aspect of guiding high school students but, when confronted with a student-athlete, they do not have the training to effectively work with that individual and they do not really want to go through an extensive educational program to learn the procedures. Instead, they prefer to work together with us in a relationship where they handle all of the academic aspects of the college search and we just focus on the athletic recruiting portion of the process. 



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