Counselor Mentorship Program

Our Mentorship Program was created to provide supplemental assistance and guidance to counselors who have completed one of our Counselor Workshops or our 11-session Webinar Series. We quickly discovered that even with 10 – 15 hours of intensive training, it is impossible for us to discuss all of the variations in counseling athletes in different sports. Advising a football player vs a tennis player vs a golfer, soccer athlete or track and field star each have different timelines as well as approaches that are unique to their sport.

Accordingly, counselors who take advantage of our Mentorship Program have the ability to contact us for help and assistance whenever they are confronted with a new or unique set of challenges when working with an athlete who participates in a different sport than what that counselor is familiar with.

In this program, we are usually “behind the scenes”, helping, guiding and educating our fellow counselors as to HOW, WHEN and WHAT to do and say in the next contact with their athlete.

This service is offered to counselors at a heavily discounted rate from what is charged to the families of athletes who are posing the same questions. Also, while this service was designed specifically for the “alumni” of our Workshops and Webinar sessions, counselors and coaches who have not attended either of the foregoing programs are invited to be considered for participation in our Mentorship Program.


For more information on this program please email us at [email protected] or call us at 949.306.3310.


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